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                                                 William Tranter (1849-1949) born Stokenchurch Oxfordshire: 

                                         Frederick Tranter (1874-?) born Hammersmith:

                                        Winifred Harvey (nee Tranter) (1902-1982) born Hammersmith: 

                                                      Gordon Harvey (1929-) born Hounslow


I once read, that most English families  have at some stage of their history spent some time in London, and this is certainly true of my family. It appears that most branches of my mothers family met up in London, and even in my fathers family which has spent the best part of the last 5oo years, in the same area of the West Riding of Yorkshire  near and in Sheffield, had the chain  broken when my father left for the 'bright lights' of London in 1957 at the age of 17, to begin an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering at Isleworth. This is how he met my mother.

My Husband and his family also have London origins, and while the I have not done a lot of research into the 'WEATHERILLS OF WINDSOR', I hope to be able to create a separate site for them too.

I use the term London in the loosest sense,  I have never lived there and consider anything within the boundaries of the M25 Motorway to be part of London. I realise that in the past many of the places mentioned on these pages were actually villages and towns in their own rights, (and are probably still considered so by their inhabitants today!)

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